Federated function as a service

Use funcX to execute functions across a federated ecosystem of funcX endpoints.

Test funcX in Binder

Try funcX

Use Binder to run funcX tutorials in hosted Jupyter notebooks. No installation required!

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Download funcX

Install funcX

Install the funcX SDK to register, share, and execute functions.

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Deploy an endpoint

Deploy an endpoint

Deploy a funcX endpoint on a laptop, cloud, or cluster.

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Fire-and-forget remote function execution.

Register functions with the hosted funcX service and execute them reliably on remote endpoints .

Turn any resource into a function-serving endpoint.

Deploy a funcX endpoint to transform clouds, clusters, and supercomputers into a high performance function-serving endpoints.

Execute millions of functions across thousands of nodes.

funcX efficiently manages connected resources by elastically deploying workers and containers across nodes.

Securely execute functions in customized containers.

Log in using hundreds of supported identity providers. funcX implements fine-grained access control to endpoints and function executions are isolated within containers.